Atlantic Capital Management, Inc.
An SEC Registered Investment Advisor
Bridging the gap between risk and reward

Management of Risk and the expected rate of return.


In the service industries, the quality of services produced is directly related to the education, experience, and credentials of the individuals who produce them.  Nowhere else is that more evident than in the investment industry.

The managers at Atlantic Capital Management, Inc. view themselves as the guardians of their clients' assets. There is never a conflict of interest between the manager and the investments purchased for the client. We are long-term investors who believe once a good investment is found, we will remain long term-holders. The core competency to this thesis is buying industry leaders with strong  fundamentals.

Atlantic Capital Management's strength is the 

management of such investments on an individual account basis. Our investment approach is one of balance, meaning we allocate client assets between publicly listed/traded stocks and bonds and build our portfolios from the ground up. We 

believe it is also important to maintain a cash position in our accounts as well. This amount of cash may vary, dependent upon individual account parameters.


What Really Matters

The most important Step is to define your Risk

About Us

Each of our officers and associates has broad investment experience and has made investment decisions through more than one economic cycle.  Each has a voice in our investment strategy and security selection group meetings.  Our combined 75+ years of trust and investment experience places special emphasis on the tax, estate, and pension planning elements of investing.  This extensive experience permits the proper translation of client expectations into reasonable investment objectives for each separate risk/return situation.

​While the development of investment strategies flows from the group as a whole, each client works directly with one portfolio manager. This ensures the resulting investment recommendations are based on individual account considerations.